After reading the Four Agreements, I was pretty excited to read The Fifth Agreement. I was a little disappointed, though, because a lot of the content rehashed the first four agreements, and not very much of the book was dedicated to the fifth agreement. However, it was helpful to review the first four agreements and see how the fifth agreement fit into the picture.

The book is split into two parts:

  • Part 1: The Power of Symbols

The five agreements are:

  1. Be impeccable with your word.

The authors…

The book Ultralearning teaches the reader how to learn better and get better results from what they are trying to learn. “Ultralearning is a strategy for acquiring skills and knowledge that is both self-directed and intense.”

I read this book more from the perspective of a teacher rather than a learner. I may use the concepts at some point to do my own ultralearning projects, but since I am creating content to teach people new skills, I’m looking for ways to make my content more engaging. …

A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

I’ve wanted to read this book for some time, and I’m sorry that I waited so long to do so. Reading this book and applying it to my life are two separate things. After reading the book, I have so many unanswered questions, but awareness is the first step to making these changes.

Four agreements, it sounds so simple, but I think it’s hard to make these agreements, and I have a great deal of work before they become a part of my life.

Here are the four agreements:

  • Be impeccable with your word.

Here’s some of what I’ve personally gotten from each agreement:

Be Impeccable with Your Word

Discover Your Purpose, Conquer Your Fears, and Fulfill Your Potential

My decision to read this book was more based on the subtitle than the title. The title sounded a little self-serving, but as I read the book, I realized that I want to be amazing not for my benefit but for how my being amazing can help others. This made me feel better about reading the book and sharing a review of it.

The book outlines six qualities that you should have to be amazing and four steps to get there.

The six qualities are:

  1. Offer unexpected acts of generosity, kindness, and other thoughtful behaviors.

Books I’ve Read and What I Thought About Them

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This month I only completed reading two books. One of the books was on the subject of SEO, and the other was about creating stories through data. Both books were excellent, and I would highly recommend them if you want to increase your knowledge in either area.

Summary of the books I read this month.

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This month I read a couple of books about online businesses, one about email marketing, a book about grit, and a Stephen King novel.

Each month I share the books I’ve read, what I thought of them, and favorite excerpts.

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As you’ll see, from the books I’ve listed below, I’ve been thinking a lot about creating some online courses. Here are this month’s reading excursions:

Each month I share the books I’ve read, what I thought of them, and favorite excerpts.

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I got back on track with my reading in April. Here are the books I read, and some thought about each.

Mouse Interactions

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If you have read the first seven parts of this series, you should have a solid understanding of how to draw objects on the HTML5 canvas and how to do some simple animations. In this final part of the series, I will show you how you can use the mouse to interact with objects on the canvas.

Before we work with the sailboat picture we have used throughout this series, let’s take a look at how you can interact with objects using your mouse by talking about mouse events.

Mouse Events

It sounds a little scary and a little technical…

Simple Animations

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So far, in this series, we have learned how to add a canvas to an HTML file, add simple shapes, add color, add bézier paths (curvy lines), add text, and transform the canvas. In this article, I will show you how to add animate canvas objects.

How to Animate the Canvas

To create an animated object on the canvas, you will have to create each frame of the animation. For instance, if you want to move an object from one spot on the canvas to a new position, you will need to do the following:

  1. Clear the area where the object will move…

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